Saturday, May 28, 2011

How To Match Wine With Food

How to merge wines with food? Herebelow are some fundamentals.


The following food damages wine tasting: spice, garlic, vinegar (replace with white wine), raw fruits.

You ought to also:

  1. Avoid red meat with white wines or sweet wines.
  2. Avoid fish, raw vegetables, and goat cheese, with red wines that dry the palate - but think of trying a cold Gamay or a fruity Pinot.
  3. Avoid desserts, Foie Gras, and strong cheeses (Munster, blue cheese), with Loire Cabernet, pink wine, or crisp white (such as dry Loire, Champagne, or Vinho Verde).

Food-wine pairing explained

Wine rouses pleasure with various food.  any dish can be matched with lots of types of wines. People have different palates and inclinations: everyone will make their own combinations. For example you can try cheese with a young white (any cheese with Chardonnay, light cheeses with Sauvignon Blanc).

Some rules can guide your matching experiments though:

  1. A simple course leaves room for the wine to shine.
  2. Elderly wines are delicate to serve and match. The dish ought to be discreet.
  3. In theory, a slightly sweetened or bitter coursework accentuates the dryness (acidity, tannins) of a wine. You ought to thus avoid hard wines with sweet food.
  4. the opposite, the more a dish is salty or acidic, the sweeter the wine will taste. This is a chance for you to try wines from fresher climates.

There is plenty of room left when following this guide, so try experimenting and finding what works for you.  And remember the joy is in the journey!


  1. I always like to get the food down and then get into the wine lol.

  2. I only get wine in restaurants, so I just ask their suggestion :D