Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How To Change a Tire

Have a flat tire? In the worst scenarios, the gas station can be miles away and you haven't any way to call for help. You are too afraid to ask for help from a person driving by.  This is why every person should be able to change their own tires just in case.  It is wise to have a little bit of practice beforehand so there isn't a shock if anything should happen.  Reading your car's manual can be very beneficial to the process and you should have all of the necessary tools in your vehicle--a jack, a spare tire, and a wrench.

Preparing the Car
Before changing a tire, the car should be pushed out of the street or freeway and brought next to the edge of the road.  It is also important that the change be done on a level, even ground.  You should be out of the way of moving vehicles, even if that means you must keep driving on the flat tire for a little while longer in order to do so.  After you get your car to a safe, appropriate place, set your parking brake.  If the car has a manual transmission, put it in reverse or first gear.  After this has been done, gather up all the supplies you should have already stowed away in your trunk, flick on your hazard lights, and turn the car off to begin the tire changing process.

Changing the Tire
  1. First, you should take off your wheel covers.  This may mean you have to unlock, unscrew, or pop off, depending upon the model of your car.
  2. All of the lugs nuts should be loosened by about a half turn, without removing them from the wheel.
  3. Then, use the jack to elevate the car based on the manual's standards.
  4. After the jack has been placed and the car has been positioned, you can finally remove all of the lug nuts.  As they come off, the tire will begin to fall off.
  5. Hold the wheel steady in the same place until all the lug nuts have been removed.
  6. Put the spare tire you have in place of the flat while simultaneously aligning it with the bolts.
  7. Screw the lug nuts back on to the spare and tighten them halfway.
  8. Once this is complete, use the jack to put the car back onto the ground.
  9. Lastly, completely tighten the lugs.
You may not be able to do as good a job as a professional; however, it will get you to a repair shop. Once there have it checked and/or buy a new full tire.

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  1. Good guide! Also, practise this at home... it's much easier than on the side of a motorway!

  2. Ah i hate flat tires, one of the few things i hate in life!

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  5. Beavis and butthead do it like bosses

  6. Man, I had a summer where we had so many pot holes, I got two flat tires in one trip! Even with the free tires from my roadhazard warranty, I wish I would have known how to change the tires... Had to push the thing so I wouldn't get impounded...

  7. How often should they be rotated?

  8. Thanks for the tips man, shamefully enough I don't know how to change a tire.